Is Your IPhone a Popcorn Maker?
This one's been around the Internet for a while, but like any good hoax, it's come around once again to my Facebook feed.  It's an urban legend that says if you put some unpopped popcorn kernels near your cell phone, the radio waves will pop them for you.  The hoax may also take the form of boiling eggs.
Sunday Funnies From 92.9 The Lake
I gave up on the paper long ago. I had a lot of problems getting it delivered to my house. My window to read it in the morning is very small, so when it was late I would not get to read it. By time I would get home in the afternoon it was all old news. My wife and I decided to just give up. One of the things I miss most is the Sunday Funnies. For those of you in the same boat ... I thought I would