10 Great, Easy Tricks
Everybody loves a sure bet. Here are several very easy tricks you can perform to amaze your friends and if you want to place a little bet on them, so much the better.
Most Amazing Trick Ever
I guess the judges on any of the talent competition shows have seen just about everything by now. We all know how hard it is to impress Simon Cowell, but a magician by the name of Jamie Raven really wowed the judges on Britain's Got Talent with an amazing card trick.
Penn & Teller Reveal Famous Magic Secret [VIDEO]
Penn & Teller, the famous comedic magicians break down the classic magic trick of sawing a woman in half. Turns out it's done with a few visual tricks and some slight of hand. And even though the big secret is revealed, trying this at home is still not recommended.
Gary Shannon - Mentalist Magic
I love magic, but my real 'hero' is Kreskin. Kreskin is really just a magician, but bills himself as a 'mentalist' because his tricks all involve the illusion of mind reading.
I tried a bit of Mentalist Magic on a co-worker.