Remember the ads in comic books that said, "Amaze your friends. Be the life of the party?" Well, obviously this guy bought whatever it was that was being sold in those comic books because he specializes in some pretty interesting stunts that you can use to win bets and maybe even amaze your friends.

I've never been one for making bets, but Richard Wiseman is the master of amazing bets. In fact, Wiseman has his own Youtube channel called Quirkology. For quite some time now, Wiseman has been posting videos of his amazing bets on Youtube and, I have to admit they are all interesting if not amazing. A few are just plain silly, but when you consider that he has posted 14 such videos, you have to give the guy some slack.

One of my favorites is pushing a dollar bill through a lemon. Now there's one that really sounds impossible, but like most magic tricks, the solution is disappointingly easy.