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Christmas Movie Montage [VIDEO]
Don't have time to watch an entire Christmas movie?  No worries...check out this great montage of your favorite scenes from the best Christmas movies!
The Best Christmas Movie Montage [VIDEO]
If you don't have time this holiday season to watch all of the Christmas movies out there, don't worry.  Here's a montage of the best of all of the Christmas movies in one place.  Enjoy!
Lesser Known Christmas Movies—My Top 7
No matter how much one loves Christmas classics like "It's a Wonderful Life", "White Christmas", or "A Christmas Story", every now and again it's nice to see some new movies about Christmas. Thanks to TCM, we do get a chance to see some of those lesser known holiday movies. Here is a list of Christmas (or at least Christmas related) movies you might enjoy.
“It’s a Wonderful Life” — Behind the Scenes and Trivia
I can't imagine there being anyone that has not seen "It's a Wonderful Life" starring James Stewart and Donna Reed.The movie is absolutely timeless and it comes in near the top of just about every poll ever taken about "favorite Christmas movies." I guess most people know at least one piece of trivia about the movie. It was a bomb when it first came out in 1946. In fact, "
Top 5 Christmas Movies of all Time— With Snack Recipes [VIDEO]
Confession time. I love Christmas movies. I always have. I can still remember seeing "A Christmas Carol" for the first time. My Mom, Dad, sister and I watched it on our black and white Motorola TV. I guess I was 5 or 6. From that moment on, I was a Christmas Movie Junkie. Christmas Movies are a great way to share some family time during the holidays. Sure, it may not result in a lot of c