My Gigibaby Wants To Be A Mermaid [VIDEO]
I affectionately call my grand daughter "Gigibaby," and she wants to be a mermaid. She scoured YouTube on our first night at the beach, and I would soon discover that she was looking for potions that would turn her into the magical sea creature.
Yikes! Sea Lice in Gulf
It's not so much a danger as it is an irritation. Sea Lice have been reported at many beaches around the Gulf. Here's what you need to know and how you can avoid the irritation they produce.
Fire Destroys Orange Beach Condo Complex
No injuries are reported, but 21 of the 36 units at the Island Dunes condo complex in Orange Beach are completely destroyed following a fire very early Tuesday morning.
Fire officials have not yet determined the origin or cause of the blaze that also threatened a nearby real estate agency, restaurant…
Don Rivers Favorite Sounds [VIDEO]
You would think my favorite sound is music. I do love music and probably don't list it as my favorite because I listen to music twelve hours a day. When I really want to relax ... it's all about great background sounds.
Cute Puppy Chases Crab [VIDEO]
I know you have been boiling crawfish or crabs and put one on the ground to entertain your dog and yourself. It is funny the first time; but soon your dog learns a lesson. Most dogs in this area have been pinched and know to just leave crustaceans alone. The puppy in this video has obviously no…
Do You Go To the North Beach [POLL]
Gas prices are outrageous. A trip to Holly Beach or Rutherford beach is more expensive than in past summers. A trip to Galveston or Gulf Shores is going to cost you even more. A Florida vacation could cost you more for gas than for your room...
Seaweed Covers Beaches
My wife and I spent our 25th Anniversary in Galveston earlier this week. The weather was perfect and it was much less crowded on weekdays. We had a great time but the last day there the beaches were inundated with sea weed. I decided to do a little research.

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