The SWLA Veterans Association is a group of veterans who have joined together to reach out to younger veterans in order to meet and fellowship together. They began doing a BBQ each year seven years ago for free to any and all veterans, no matter what branch they served.

SWLA Veterans Assoc 2

The group has monthly socials throughout the year, but the BBQ is their biggest event each and every year. They also do community outreach along with charitable events to give back to the community.

Although it was started for younger vets, they encourage all veterans to attend to meet and mingle throughout the day. They have a private Facebook group you can request to be invited into, plus they are working on forming a Mardi Gras Krewe for the 2021 season.

SWLA Veterans Assoc 1

Thanks to local sponsors, the BBQ is absolutely free for any and all vets. All families are invited to come and enjoy some amazing food and live music. The event begins at 4:00pm and will end around 8:00pm at Paul's Rib Shack on Nelson Road in Lake Charles.

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