The case of the stabbing death of David Scasino in 2014 has finally come to an end with a guilty verdict for Daniel Kight.

It was a night that rocked the small town of Vinton, Louisiana that hadn't seen a murder on it's soil in 30 years.

Scasino and Daniel Kight had apparently been feuding for years, they were former brother-in-laws, and it came to a murderous head when Kight killed and mutilated Scasino.

Prosecutors said Scasino was stabbed over 50 times and added more horrible details of that fateful night:

His throat was also slit, he was cut open from his chin and then part of his private parts were cut off so it was a very, very, very gruesome and personal crime, which is something that is commonplace with an individual of this nature, and has the violent propensities that this man has.

A psychologist for the defense testified that Kight told him that Scasino was a child molester and that he was defending a little girl in Scasino's home and that he cut Scasino to let the "ninjas out".  There was no little girl.

The psychologist went on to say he believed that Kight was delusional due to substance abuse.

Kight entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

A psychiatrist called to witness for the state believed Kight was faking mental problems and could distinguish right from wrong before and during the crime.

Judge Robert Wyatt agreed.  Yesterday he convicted Kight of Second Degree Murder.

Second- Degree Murder carries a mandatory life sentence in the state of Louisiana.

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