In 2017, the Boy Scouts of America announced they would eventually start accepting girls into their ranks. Fast-foward to 2019, and the first female scouts donned the historic uniforms and were able to fully participate in the organization.

Now in 2021, another milestone has been reached as the first class of female Eagle Scouts will be honored, and we have some right here in SWLA.  Emily Staggemeier, Trinity Beer, Kristen Darbonne, and Victoria Sherman are members of Scout BSA’s Troop 8 at the Westlake Methodist Church. They will join 1,000 other girls who will be recognized with the highest honor the Scouts BSA have to offer.

Mike Beer, CEO and Scout Executive for Calcasieu Area Council Boy Scouts of America told KPLC these girls were inspired by their brothers' scout journeys and joined as soon as girls were allowed in the organization. He also said the pathway to Eagle Scout is the same for boys and girls, which is no easy task. Beer says that of the 130 million scouts that have participated in the organization over its history only two million have become Eagle Scouts.

They were honored by the Scouts BSA yesterday in a virtual event, and the girls are starting to plan their local cord of honor ceremony. They will continue to mentor younger scouts and even though they have reached the pinnacle of scout training, they can still earn more badges through their journey.

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