The day my mom and dad put in a swimming pool at our house is one of favorite days in life.  With four brothers and a little sister we practically lived in that pool.  We learned to dive, flip and with mom's encouragement we learned to swim, as she was always nervous about us being in the water.

Many years later I still say there's nothing like a refreshing swim to make you feel revived. My husband and I swim a few times a week from Spring until late Fall.  It is our favorite exercise regime and that never changes. We always do our designated number of laps and that is pretty much it. Sometimes I try to get crazy with it with a regular dive or cannonball and that's really just to keep my husband wondering what I can come up with next to entertain him.

So being a natural waterbug myself when i saw this video I watched it over and over... and when you see something this beautiful, you feel like you have to share it with your friends.  And to my beloved brothers and sis, here's what swimming should really look like. We just thought we were graceful in the water, well, we ain't seen nothing yet!

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