A lowlife from Pembroke Pines, Florida decided to text his hold-up note to a bank teller. Yeah, great idea. He's behind bars now.

Police in Pembroke Pines, Florida, said a man who committed two robberies minutes apart used his smartphone to type his demand note during the second crime. Investigators said the man used a note when he robbed the Wells Fargo bank around 9:15 a.m. Tuesday, and then used his phone to type a similar note when he robbed a nearby Chase bank moments later. Officers arrived at the bank to intercept the suspect and confiscate his phone. Investigators said they don’t know why the man used his phone for the second robbery note. “Maybe there was an issue with his handwriting,” Pembroke Pines Sgt. Chris Stacio said. Police said the man is suspected of being behind two other robberies in Florida and additional crimes in Georgia and Texas.

Wonder if they let him use that phone to make his one phone call.

"An issue with his handwriting?"- I wonder if it went down like this: