Seventy-four year old Emerito Pujol wanted to to explore Disney's Epcot Center, but he didn't want to pay the hefty $99.79 admission fee. So he devised what he surely thought was an innovative plan to get inside the theme park's gates for free.

At the turnstile, the Miami man flashed a badge declaring he was an "honorary member" of the American Federation of Police. Then he told the ticket collector he was a police officer looking for somebody who may be in the park.

When the Epcot employee balked at his explanation, Pujol quickly changed it up. Now he was a federal agent "guarding somebody important."

That didn't work either and the real police were called in. Instead of trying to trick them with his fake badge, Pujol 'fessed up and is now being charged with unlawful use of a police badge, falsely impersonating an officer, and petty theft.

Spaceship Earth and Future World are pretty cool, and may even be worth a C-note to check out. But at the price Pujol was willing to pay, we'd have to say Epcot's probably not worth it.

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