Can you imagine what it's like to pull your vehicle over the shoulder of a busy interstate or highway and with cars zooming past exit your vehicle. That's what Louisiana State Police and other law enforcement professionals have to do everyday in the line of duty.

There is a state law that mandates when possible motorist move over to the far left lane to allow space between the unprotected officer and high speed traffic. In light of recent incidents involving officers along the roadside State Police have announced a new initiative to vigorously enforce the "Move Over" law. 

This law applies to all emergency vehicles, not just troopers, where it's EMS, ambulance, fire fighters, and even tow trucks. You should move over to allow that wider berth around the incident.

They need to proceed with caution and give that person room, and by doing that they need to make a lane change and move over in the lane opposite that emergency vehicle. If they can’t do that they need to reduce their speed

Those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network made by State Police Sgt. Jared Sandifer implore the motoring public to yield the right of way to working officers and other professionals.

A recent survey showed that nationally 70% of American drivers were not aware of the Move Over America campaign. That awareness must increase if we are to protect the lives of officers and citizens alike.

If you were on the side of the road, let’s say with a broken down vehicle, you would hope that people would slow down and give you a little bit of room, and that’s all we’re asking for. Just let those emergency responders out there work in as safe an environment as they can.

In the past two weeks an officer with the Sterlington Police Department was struck and killed while working a crash scene. A St. John the Baptist officer was also struck and injured while doing his job as well.

You can expect officers to be on the lookout for drivers who do not heed the flashing lights and "Move Over" during the heightened awareness of this campaign.