Chances are if you're reading this particular narrative you are on a computer. I went to public school and they taught me how to deduce things like that. But enough about  me, I want to tell you what I know about you.

You have a secret about your online activity. What is your secret that even your spouse and best friends may not know about?

According to a recent report 76% of us share this kind of a secret. It could be damaging to your relationship. It could even cost you your job. Chances are you are keenly aware when others are around while you are exploring your secret obsession on line.  You wouldn't want them to look over your shoulder at your screen and then start asking questions. What is this secret?

Okay, I'm drawing this out and making far to big a deal out of it. Here's the deal, 76% of us have an online friend that we consider to be a "good friend" that we have never met in person.  I know I have several. Before you start calling a divorce attorney let me take you to a more innocent side of the internet.

83% of women say they have an online friend that they have never met. Most of those relationships are because of a particular interest or common friend on Facebook. As far as the men go 73% of men have an online friend they've never met because of Facebook and online gaming. See, not everyone is a cheater.

I like my online friends. They are usually more honest than my in person friends. They aren't afraid to call B.S. on me and they never seem to need money. I like that in a friend.

How about you? Do you have an online friend you've never met? Do you plan on meeting them? What's keeping your from meeting them? Oh, the divorce attorney, yeah that's probably a good idea to just keep it platonic and electronic.