Let me see if I understand this situation. Apparently, Starbucks has just been sitting on 10,000 jobs because, all of a sudden, they have announced plans to hire 10,000 people. That would be great news because there are so many people in this country looking for jobs. Don't get too excited because Starbucks has also announced that those 10,000 jobs will go to "refugees." Not unemployed American workers. Not 10,000 unemployed veterans. 10,000 refugees.

Now, let's take a look at that. Starbucks is now and international company. How did they grow to be so big? Well, they did so because the American consumer made it possible. They owe their success to Americans who went out and paid for their grossly over-priced coffee. The American consumer made it possible for Starbucks to expand to a global market. As way of thanks to American consumers who made them so successful, Starbucks is going to ignore the unemployment problem by grandstanding and making a move to show just how open minded and understanding they are.

That means that there are 10,000 jobs out there that not one single American worker will even be considered for. That's 10,000 people who will not be hired because of their national origin. 10,000 jobs, my friend, that Starbucks suddenly realized that they had open.

Now, where did these 10,000 openings come from? If I owned a company I'd certainly know that I had jobs available long before it reached 10,000. I mean did CEO Howard Schultz wake up one morning and suddenly realize that he had 10,000 jobs available? Not much of a CEO if you ask me. Schultz didn't realize they had jobs until it reached the 10,000 mark? Seriously? I wouldn't let the guy run a lemonade stand.

Now, I don't have the power to encourage large numbers of people to boycott Starbucks, but there are people out there who are calling for just such a boycott. Why should this country support anyone who turns their back on American workers and completely ignores them in favor of making a political statement that helps absolutely not one American.

Starbucks owes all their success to Americans and the grandstanding CEO of that country expresses his gratitude by freezing out 10,000 Americans looking for work. Thanks for helping with the unemployment problem.

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