MOSS BLUFF, LA: The new Starbucks location in Moss Bluff will have its grand opening delayed and we have all the details.

Asael Peña via Unsplash
Asael Peña via Unsplash

We first broke the news of Starbucks coming to Moss Bluff back in April. The new Starbucks store in Moss Bluff is located on the side of Popeyes and across the street from Moss Bluff Elementary on HWY 378.

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I live in Moss Bluff, so I know this location is going to be a nightmare for people and the crossing guards during morning school traffic. I lot of kids cross the road right there by Popeyes to the elementary school, and adding in a bunch of frustrated drivers that are waiting in a long Starbucks line looking for morning coffee fix or other drivers wanting to zoom past that line in the left lane can't be a good mixture.

On a lighter note, my daughter is over the moon about Starbucks coming to Moss Bluff and will probably bankrupt me after they open up.

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When is the Starbucks in Moss Bluff Opening Up?

Speaking of that, the grand opening of the Moss Bluff Starbucks location will be delayed. Discovering SWLA is reporting that it will be pushed back to Monday, November 27 due to waiting on equipment to arrive and be installed in the store.

I'm sure you'll probably see the 92.9 The Lake van in line for the grand opening because my daughter used her daughter Jedi mind trick to convince me to get her a pink drink before school.

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