Adrian Solano is a rare man. He is a skier from Venezuela. There are not a ton of skiers from that region of the world, but This guy, despite his lack of experience, seems bound and determined to finish the race despite a rather large disadvantage.

The problem with Venezuela is that there is very rarely any snow. That minor detail didn't stop Solano, he trained with wheels instead if skis and he trained on grass. in fact, he didn't get a chance to ski on snow until he got to Norway to compete in a cross country ski event.

Well, it goes without saying that there is a huge difference between going down a nice powder covered slope and rolling along on wheels on the grass. Solano realized that difference pretty much from the moment he put and skis and tried to just stand up on the darn things.

Solano must be made of some pretty solid stuff because every single time he fell,  he got right back up and tried it again. That's what I take away from this video. I guess you could play it for laughs, but you've got to admit that it's pretty darned exciting ti watch a person with that much determination. In fact, it's down right inspiring.

This isn't one of those Cinderella stories where his hard work and determination all pay off and he wins the race. He lost every event. Still, he says he's sticking with it and plans to try out for the Olympics!

Of course you can watch the video to get inspired or you can watch it for the simple reason that watching someone,anyone fall down. That will always be funny.





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