It’s rare to see five generations of a family get together, so when six generations can hang out it has to be documented. That’s exactly what happened when Mollie Wood turned 111-years-old at the end of April.

Mollie Wood raised three children with her husband in West Virginia, and now she has lived long enough to meet her 7-week-old great, great, great granddaughter Braylin Marie Higgins generations later. Six generations of mothers and daughters gathered with Wood to celebrate her 111th birthday and the longevity of the women in their family.

According to her family, Wood stayed sharp until she turned 109. And she’s not the only woman with staying power. Her daughter Louise Minter, who is 88, still cleans houses, more than thirty years after retiring from her full-time job. Her 70-year-old granddaughter, Bette Goodson, teaches yoga and Pilates classes three nights a week.

When asked to explain the longevity of the women in her family, Wood’s great granddaughter, 39-year-old Marlo Shifflett, said, “We’re ornery. I think that’s a lot of it. We’re too ornery to stop!”

Little Braylin Marie will have quite a story to tell when she gets older and can show off the pictures of her family. Not many children can say they’ve met their great, great, great grandmother.