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Shaq is a big, big man.  I don't mean physically, although he certainly cuts an imposing silhouette.  I'm talking about the impact this sports and entertainment juggernaut has had on real lives in the world around him.  His latest act of generosity may have you remembering him as Shaquille O'Neal the good Samaritan instead of Big Daddy Cool the backboard-breaker.

Before I continue, it needs to be stated that Shaq has done his best to hide the fact that he loves to help out his fellow man.  That being said, there is no way to hide the incredible thing he did for a mourning Louisiana family.

A few weeks ago, a horrible car accident in Beaux Bridge, Louisiana took the lives of 12-year-old Trayvon Alexander and 11-year-old Keshon Batiste.  While Trayvon's family had insurance to cover the funeral costs for their son, Keshon's family did not.  Shaq heard about the tragedy, and immediately picked up the phone and started dialing.  According to TMZ, after a few calls the basketball legend found himself on the line with retired Lafayette City Marshal's Office chief deputy officer Phil Conrad.

Conrad laid the details on the former LSU Tiger basketball superstar, who wired the needed money right away.  Conrad delivered the money directly to the funeral home.  Because of that teamwork and generosity, both boys were laid to rest on Saturday.

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