This was so funny.

Watch as Shaquille O'Neal was tossed into a Christmas tree on LIVE television.

Just as Kenny Smith was about to rush on over to the big screen on the TNT set to analyze a game, Shaq took off too and that's when this happened.

Smith shoved the 7-foot giant into the tree and all that you could see were Shaq's massive shoes protruding from under the tree.


Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley did come to assist Shaq and help him out of the tree, but not before Shaq warned his colleague that it was now "on".

Check out this great moment in LIVE television history, and yes, being that we're in this digital age we will take this "stunt" with a grain of salt.


As funny as this is, this isn't the first time Shaq and Kenny race each other to the big screen while on the TNT set.

Do you recall this?



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