Looks like Jimmy Fallon will be taking Late Night TV's most coveted chair, that of the host of NBC's Tonight Show.  An official announcement isn't expected until a replace for Fallon on "Late Night" can be found.

Fallon seemed to be the most logical and popular choice to replace Leno both by the fans and the hot shots at NBC. It's not that being host of "Late Night"  isn't pretty cool, it's just that...well, good grief, It's the TONIGHT SHOW!

Now, don't expect to tune in and see Fallon next week. After all, Leno doesn't bail until September of next year. One insiders says that NBC will debut Fallon during the network's coverage of the Winter Olympics.

Right now that theory is just conjecture since, if NBC replaces Leno before his contract is expired, there will a heavy price to pay. One can only imagine how many millions of dollars that would involve.

So, who will replace Fallon on Late Night? Well, right now the top contender is SNL host Seth Meyers. But, that's another story.



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