The Pentagon is tracking a 2nd Chinese Spy Balloon that is currently located in Latin America that could possibly enter the USA through Texas.

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We reported last week that the first Chinese Spy Balloon, according to wind graphs, could've drifted over Louisiana. However, that was not the case as the balloon flew to the Atlantic Ocean by the South Carolina coast when it was promptly shot down over the safety of water.

Pentagon spokesman U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder confirmed in a press conference that the balloon can control its flight. He also said that NORAD was closely following the balloon's flight path and that the balloon was not seen as a military threat.

The Columbian government also confirmed that a 2nd Chinese Spy Balloon was flying at 55,000 feet in Latin America as the Columbian Air Force said they followed the balloon until it exited their air space.

The current location of the balloon has not been updated at the time of writing this article.

So, the 2nd Chinese Spy Balloon is currently flying around Latin American, and if China is so bold to fly another spy balloon into US Air Space, then you would have to imagine that Texas would be the first part of the country that it breaches.

Another thing to note is that China has seen that several governments are not willing to shoot it down over their citizens. The Canadians didn't shoot the first balloon down as it flew over sensitive military locations, the US didn't shoot down the first balloon until it was over the Atlantic Ocean, and more recently with the 2nd balloon Columbia just followed it until it left their air space.

These actions show the PRC that as long as they navigate this spy balloon over land, they can surveil anything they want for as long as they want without repercussions.

With that being said, I would image they're steaming full course ahead for Texas.

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