We all use visual stimulation to help us perform. Young disc jockeys put a picture of their wives or girlfriends in the studio to help them work on "one to one" communication. Some people put a picture of a morbidly obese person on the refrigerator to scare themselves into dieting. You probably have loved ones pictures on your desk and it reminds you of why you work so hard.  Sean Payton has used similar psychology to prepare the Saints for this weekend's playoff game in Seattle.


The Saints Metairie practice field usually sports the Saints logo at the center. This week Sean Payton has placed the Seahawks logo in it's place. There could be a lot of psychological reasons for this. All of them are good and show that Payton is doing everything he can to prepare his team for the game . That includes being physically and mentally prepared. It was clear the last time these two teams met that Payton was out coached. I would bet he sees this game as a cerebral battle between himself and Coach Carroll.