Whiskey has come into it's own over the past few years and, much like beer snobs, there are whiskey snobs as well. I don't really use the term "snob" in a derogatory way here. I have friends who are whiskey and beer snobs and they use the term proudly. I wasn't quite so much of a whiskey or beer snob until I met these choosy friends.

Let's face it, there are people out there who spend a whole live cultivating a taste for whiskey or scotch and they have some definite ideas about just how said beverage should taste. So, how do these experts react to what they would consider an inferior product?

I'm not a whiskey expert, but I am somewhat of a beer and whiskey snob. Over the years I've learned a lot about these two popular beverages and I've even attended classes about both of them.

For my money, you can't beat Jameson Irish Whiskey and I'll take a Guinness just about anytime. These experts actually have some kind things to say about some of the cheap brands, but, for the most part, I think they're basically horrified at some of the brands they were forced to try.

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