Not a great time for the New Orleans Saints..They are about five-million short on the number Brees has in mind and now it turns out that they may have encouraged...let's call it "rough play" (GASP) on the field. We're talking like rough with a bonus if anyone should get hurt!

But Wait!!! There's More...

First concerning Drew Brees.The Saints put the franchise tag on him so that no one else in the NFL can talk to Brees and it also gives them time to make a deal.


The New Orleans Saints have placed their exclusive-rights franchise tag on quarterback Drew Brees, the team confirmed Saturday.

The Saints were unable to agree to a long-term deal with Brees and didn’t want to risk losing him in free agency.

The franchise tag for a quarterback currently carries a $14.4 million salary cap hit, but the number could increase later this spring when the quarterback cap numbers are re-evaluated.

Sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter on Friday that Brees and the Saints remain millions of dollars apart in contract talks.

Source:  ESPN


Now about the NFL investigating the New Orleans Saints about placing bounties on players for cash:


According to an NFL investigation, New Orleans Saints players were rewarded from 2009-2011 for inflicting injuries on opposing players that resulted in them being removed from a game. A knockout was supposed to reward a defender $1.500; a “cart-off” was worth $1,000.

This story couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Saints. The NFL wants to change the culture of the game by eliminating cheap shots and curtailing concussions. Retired players who suffered concussions in the NFL are suing the league. Studies continue to show how concussions cause more long-term damage than anyone in this sport realized.

Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who has apologized for being ringreader of his pay-for-hit squad, could be suspended a couple of games next season and receive a large fine. Williams, now St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator, also had a similar pay-for-hit system while he was Washington Redskins defensive coordinator, the Washington Post reported Friday.

Source: ESPN

So what is worse Saint fans?  The bounty or the Saints inability to make a deal with Drew Brees?

Stay tuned because this is going to get interesting!