If you haven't seen part one of my interview with Rob Robin, please watch it first or you'll never be able to keep up with the characters and plot twists in this second installment of .... Sorry...lost my head for a minute there.

At any rate, I couldn't very well sit down and talk to Rob Robin about weather and not bring up the subject of hurricanes. As we all know, Rob knows a thing or two about hurricanes and I really wanted to pick his brain about the upcoming season. I should have known better. It seems that Rob parts company with those who give out hurricane predictions months in advance.

You'll see in this video that predicting hurricanes is practically impossible given all the variations and systems that come into play.

Rob is an amazing guy and I always think of him as a sort of "Weather Whisperer." I meant to ask him if he can just sit there and tell me the barometric pressure. I'll bet he could.

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