Most of Louisiana's institutions of higher learning will be welcoming new students and returning students within the next few weeks. For some college life will be center around the dormitory. Other students might choose to rent an apartment or house near campus. Regardless with today's high tech and high dollars back to school items renter's insurance is not a bad idea. 

While theft is always a concern your possessions should also be protected from fire and flood as well. Many lease agreements put the sole responsibilities for personal items on the renter. That means if a storm or fire occurs and you lose a computer, a laptop, a gaming system, and a smartphone it's all on you to replace those items.

Many people falsely believe that their landlord would have coverage for someone staying on their property, but that’s just now the case.

Roszell Gadson a spokesperson for State Farm Insurance offered those words of wisdom while speaking with the Louisiana Radio Network.

Gadson went on to say,

Renter’s insurance is actually not very expensive at all. We compare it to about the price of a $12 pizza a month.

If you look at the cost per school year based on a $12 a month assumption your total cost would be $108. I don't think you'd be able to replace a computer, a smartphone, or a gaming system for that amount. So there are benefits to adding this extra layer of protection to your college experience.

Another aspect of renter's insurance you might want to consider is the liability aspect of most policies. Let's say you have a social function that becomes a bit too elaborate. Should a guest injure themselves at your place you have liability issues. This might be covered under a parent's policy but having your own liability coverage will pay dividends for you down the road when it's time for you to grow up and purchase coverage for you not so wild days.


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