Every cajun kid  would love a puppy for Christmas. The question is who is going to take care of the puppy then the full grown dog. Maybe your kids need a puppy on a trial basis.

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Problem solved! According to Dial Global a student at Utah's Brigham Young University said her business allows people to rent puppies and eventually results in adoptions for the dogs. Jenna Miller said the idea came from the combination of canine overpopulation and BYU's ban on keeping puppies in most university housing. Miller said people rent the puppies out for one- or two-hour increments and spend their free time at a family farm in Orem. She said the service has been successful in finding permanent homes for the canines. "We've had 100 percent success with adopting them by the time they're 12 weeks old," What parent could take a puppy away from their kid? maybe this program will do well and spread to Southwest Louisiana.

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