Pringles is trying to get the name of a spider that looks like its logo, the mustached mascot, Mr. P., changed. At least its common name—not its scientific name. The actual spider's resemblance is unbelievable.

Before you think it really weird, the spider, commonly known as the Kidney Garden Spider, looks a LOT like Pringle's mascot. The scientific name of the spider is Araneus Mitificus, but Pringles is not trying to change its scientific name.

Pringles has launched the idea of getting the spider's name changed to the "Pringles Spider" with a petition.

Pringles has involved prestigious organizations such as the International Society of Arachnology, European Society of Arachnology, American Arachnological Society, Arachnologische Gesellschaft, Association Française d’Arachnologie, British Arachnological Society, S.E.A., Asian Society of Arachnology, Aracnofilia and iNaturalist in its efforts.

The underside of the Kidney Garden Spider looks amazingly almost identical to the brand's logo.

Take a look at the Kidney Garden Spider. Its underside looks remarkably like the Pringles mascot.

Actual photo of a Kidney Garden Spider

Click here to adopt a Kidney Garden Spider or to sign the Pringles petition.

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