A woman's friend's new boyfriend caused a scene at a restaurant when the check wasn't split evenly.

Sharing her situation on Reddit, the woman explained she and her friends regularly meet for lunch and dinner. They traditionally pay only for their own meals and drinks, as the woman doesn't drink alcohol and also has "food restrictions."

"This means that my meal is always the cheapest option, and I very rarely share a plate with the others even if everyone else is eating sharing style," she explained in her post.

It was never a problem, until one of her friend's new boyfriends, "Aaron," was recently thrown into the mix because the friend wanted to introduce him to the group.

"We have a tendency to over-order, so I didn't think it was weird that he had a few drinks and ordered more than one dish, When the bill came, and my part was separated out, Aaron started getting annoyed and told me to stop being a cheapskate and pay my share like everyone else," the woman wrote.

She tried to explain the situation to Aaron, but he only "dug his heels in and got yelly," screaming at her and calling her "tight-fisted and selfish."

"I got flustered and paid my bill, and left," she concluded her post, asking Reddit if she "should not be doing that" anymore.

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In the comments section, Reddit users appalled by Aaron's behavior.

"Aaron was very inappropriately inserting himself into a friend dynamic that he knows nothing about. He was being a major [a--hole] to someone he barely knows. Don't even bother wasting a thought on jerks like that. It sounds like this happened very recently, but you should definitely talk to your friend about it. Expect an apology from the BF if you see his face again," one Reddit user advised.

"They all should be paying for what they order, but that's their choice to split evenly. Also, why didn't your long-time friends put him in his place?" another wrote.

"[You] didn't drink or have what they had, so no... Aaron needs to mind his business and stop expecting others to pay his food and drink bill... He probably ordered more than everyone and drank more than everyone," someone else commented.

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