I hate to admit this, but, a few weeks back, I applied for Medicare. Hey. at least I lived long enough to do that. What worries me is whether they'll get it straightened out while I'm still alive to use it.

I filled out everything to the best of my ability and, wouldn't you know it; there was a problem with my application. Now, these problems have to be straightened out with a phone call because making it wasy by putting it on line just makes too much sense.

So, today I set aside sometime to make the phone call knowing that I would be on Perma-Hold for a long time. While I was waiting listening to the snippet of New Age music that plays on an endless loop, I started daydreaming and a few thoughts occurred to me. I thought I'd share them with you. Next time you're on hold, you can mull over these deep questions and thoughts.

Of course the first thing that I thought of while on hold was: I'm calling because they say that some information I supplied doesn't match what they already have. Wait...they already have this information??? Why am I supplying it?

The early worm gets eaten

I prefer nightmares. I wake up from bad dreams relieved, because I know they're not real; I wake up from good dreams disappointed, because I know they're not real.

In England you can join the army at 16 but have to be 18 to buy Call Of Duty

The word Jewish makes it sound like you're a Jew but not really.

In a couple thousand years archaeologists will dig up tanning beds and think we fried people as punishment.

If Iron-Man had an iron deficiency, that would be ironic.

You don't need a parachute to skydive. But you need one to skydive twice.

Nomadic neanderthals should be called meanderthals.

Sleeping is the human equivalent of rebooting.


I'm still on hold even after writing all this. I now know the snippet of New Age music by heart. I'm actually a little bit older. the first thing I'm going to use my Medicare for is a bad case of Athlete's Ear.

Have a Good Un





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