This morning was kind of wacky with the weather and other weekend events. It’s been a while since I awoke in the middle of the night to go to work but the morning went by pretty quickly with so much important business to attend to in the way of school and road closures and other weather hazards.

Thanks again to Sgt. James Andersen of Troop D, LSP for stopping by the studio and going on the air live with updates of area road and highway closings, essentially the main traffic artery through the state, I10 is closed just east of Lake Charles with drivers taking a northerly detour at 165, then east on 190 and back south again at 49. This is going to be snarly with all the truck traffic that needs to get through – if you’re taking a pleasure trip or anything that can be rearranged toward Lafayette, Baton Rouge and points east try to reschedule for another day – next week!

Sgt. Andersen also passed along the website information from the DOTD so you can get the latest traffic information in virtual real-time at: in this day and age with most browsers you can probably skip the www part. Also one can dial 5-1-1 on any cell phone and get the state's information via phone as to what’s open and closed.

And you know what? As of today we get into the meatiest meanest potentially nastiest part of the hurricane season! Historically, the biggest hurricanes generally hit during this period so let’s take this heavy rain as a ‘warm-up’ and stand at the ready.

This week, before you venture on a road trip double check the website direct to you from the state roads department the DOTD:

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