Michael Gerard Holmes, 27, of Houston, one of many suspects in a string of robberies involving Radio Shack stores in Lake Charles and Houston went to trial last week on robbery charges.

Back in 2013, nine people, including Holmes were arrested and charged with armed robbery following a rash of robberies at Radio Shack stores. Holmes was a suspect only in the Lake Charles robbery, but last Friday, the jury decided that Holmes was not guilty in that episode. Holmes has been released and faces no other charges in the matter.

Earlier this week Stacey Parker and James Undra Cooper pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery. meanwhile, Jason Rashad Barnes, Christian E. Earvin, Dariana Bridges, Elvis Lusk, Jarvis Hodge and Diego Chapman are the other six who were indicted in the case. Lusk's trial is set to begin next week while Hodges' trial will begin in October.