President Trump announces the US will not retaliate militarily against Iran for last night’s rocket attack targeting two US bases in Iraq.

Regional tensions had hit a boiling point after the recent US assassination of a top Iranian commander, but Congressman Garret Graves believes the situation is now set to de-escalate.

“Here they lobbed more than a dozen missiles into two US bases where we have troops. As of now, no reports of casualties, none,” says Graves.

The President says the missile attack will trigger additional sanctions.

Graves says it likely is not a coincidence that the barrage did not kill a single person. He says Iran likely calibrated the attack so as to not provoke a response from the US.

“This is a scenario where Iran wanted to go to their people and say, look, we did something, we responded, and we are not going to tolerate that kind of activity,” says Graves.

Iranian officials have stated that if the US does not retaliate, they will not escalate further, but Graves says that doesn’t mean the region will become much calmer.

“You actually will also see continued attacks from Iranian proxies like Hezbollah, and other Islamic groups that are out there that have been carrying out terrorist activities,” says Graves.

(Story written by Matt Doyle/Louisiana Radio Network)

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