The official estimate for tonight's Powerball drawing is $550 million. I don't care who you are that's a lot of money. A single ticket holder could claim all that cash if they happen to hit all five of the white ball numbers and the Powerball too.

We all see the number, 550,000,000, but let's put that figure into real terms that might make the scope of this jackpot a little more relatable to folks like you and me that don't usually deal with that many zeros in our lives.

In Louisiana terms, we can all relate to,  with the Powerball winnings you could afford slightly more than 217 million pounds of live crawfish. You could afford tuition to send 25,441 students to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for a four-year degree program.

You could afford the fine LSU band was assessed after playing "Neck" following the Texas A&M game many times over. That fine was reportedly paid by Odell Beckham Jr. As a matter of fact, you could afford to hire OBJ as a receiver several times over, if you won the Powerball.

You could buy several hundred Cajun Microwaves, you could also afford a little more than three Cajundomes. And maybe most amazing of all if you won tonight's Powerball drawing you could afford to drive faster than the posted speed limits in Krotz Springs, Washington, and Maurice on the same darn day!

Now that is money to burn.

Okay, reality check time, if you win tonight's Powerball drawing you won't get the full $550 million. If you choose the one-time payment option you'd actually be winning about $350 million. Of that money, Uncle Sam would take his cut and I am sure the State of Louisiana would want to put their hands in your pocket too.

The bottom line is this. It's a lot of money and you probably won't win it. But if you did, oh the fun you could have.




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