I guess it's been since 2005 and Hurricane Rita since I-10 has been shut down. of course, back then, everything was shut down and there were no alternate routes. Ever since I-10 closed earlier this week, people have been taking alternate to get to and from Texas, but now, we're being asked not to use the alternate route of La. 27 and La. 82 and with good reason

Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson pointed out that, while that may otherwise actually get you where you want to go, the roadway was not made for the kind of heavy traffic that results from a major roadway being shut down. Sheriff Johnson said that a combination of problems could make the relatively short trip take hours. There have been accidents along that route and travel is further complicated with the construction around LNG facilities in the area.

Authorities have released detour plans: Texas DOT is urging commercial traffic to take I-20, while Louisiana State Police is recommending all other traffic to detour to U.S. 190, which can be reached from I-10 in Louisiana via U.S. 171, U.S. 165 and I-49.

Of course, the bottom line is to not attempt to make the trip unless you just have to. Right now the estimates about when I-10 will reopen range from this Monday all the way to the end of next week. it's not just a matter of waiting for the water to go down. Even after the water recedes, the road must then be checked for structural integrity to make sure the foundation of the road can handle traffic again. that could be a real time consuming project.

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