Being surrounded by females is not unusual for Adam Busby.  He had two  precious sisters growing up and a sweet and beautiful mama... and loved having his wonderful dad around so then he wasn't the only guy in the house. Watching Adam and his two other siblings grow up was always entertaining as it is with most kids.  All three of the kids were well behaved, respectable, responsible and loving. Our daughter spent a lot of  time with the family since Clarissa was her best bud in school.

I remember one  new years we had a party and our Lauren and Adam decided they would show the other kids how to shoot fireworks.  The only problem was the two would hold the fireworks in their hand and light them instead of using a holder.  After having a brief discussion with those two little monkeys, they began to understand they were putting their little fingers in danger.  They still try to be extra careful around it seems the little lecture must have stuck...for now.

One of my favorite things the kids loved doing to Adam was helping him break the hiccup habit.  When he would start hiccuping, all those little girls around would just have to stare at him and he would immediately turn red and simultaneously cease with the hiccups. I hope being in a home with six little girls they can learn this nifty trick and embarrass their dad at the same time.

So tonight at 9 Central, on TLC, Let's all support our native Moss Bluffer and watch this exciting new show.  We'll all celebrate the fabulous gift of the ONLY quintuplet daughters and their older sister Blake and discover how this couple copes with all these cutie personalities ALL at the same time.  And remember, let pray for them too!  WOW!