It’s barely 8 o’clock, and it’s been a busy morning. Didn’t cook anything over the weekend that would afford lunches for today, so I nuked some chicken for chicken salad sandwiches. Am also working on components for tonight’s supper. We have one cat who really likes chicken and other people food, so he got his share, too. Gotta watch him though, as he gets underfoot a lot.

Got caught in the rain after church yesterday. Got soaked getting to the car but we made it home safely. Went on the weather service’s website to see how much rain had fallen. Less than an inch it said. Right, I said.

Saw a train headed to the port the other day. It was going backwards and the driver was facing the wrong way. How did he know when to blow the horn? I always thought it would be fun to drive a train, but then a friend said, “Why? You can’t even steer it." Good point.

Why is it that when a holiday weekend approaches, home improvement stores start advertising paint sales? Who the heck wants to spend their time off painting?! Not me! Of course, I know how I paint: I end up wearing quite a bit.

Now the story of the lady with the tattoo. It was the international poison symbol on the front of her thigh. Well, ok, that’s different. I’m never sure of the etiquette when it comes to tattoos. Are we supposed to look? Is it allowed? Should we compliment them? I mean, tattoos don’t bother me, although I wouldn’t put myself in that much pain. Just sayin’.

Got the lawn mowed early Saturday and decided the edger is ready for a new blade. The edger actually came with a spare blade, and I put it away and just saw it a month or so ago. Think I can find it? Heck no! I’ve looked everywhere it should be. So I’ll be buying a new blade. And I’m sure I’ll run across the spare next week!

Celtic Woman was in town last week. We had fourth row seats. Could see the color of their eyes. Not really, but it was great show. We hope that means more shows of that caliber will be coming to Lake Charles. Cirque du Solei was here last year, too. We’ve seen productions of Cats, Hairspray, and Grease, as well as the Three Mo Tenors before Hurricane Rita visited in 2005.

It’s going to be a wet day, so be careful when you’re out.

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