Barry Manilow Delays Tour Start As He Recovers From Surgery

Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images for Capital Concerts
Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images for Capital Concerts

Like him...hate him love him. It really doesn't matter.  Even his detractors usually come up with at least one song by Manilow that they will admit is a good song. I mean, just watch this conversation between the Family Guy cast members


Barry Manilow is planning to spend a lot of time on the road this year, but he’s getting a later-than-expected start so that he can recover from recent hip surgery. As a result, Manilow recently postponed his planned February 2-4 run at the Windy City’s Chicago Theater until July 12-14, and he’s just postponed a February 10-12 run at New York’s Radio City Music Hall until March 30th and April 1-2. Manilow’s planned February 14th show at Radio City Music Hall has been canceled because of limited availability at the venue. In a letter to fans, Manilow said the recent hip surgery ended up being more complicated than expected. “The 2 1/2 hour procedure turned out to take 7 hours!” he wrote. “The muscles had snapped away from both hips. They had to pull them back like pulling down a window shade and pin them back to my hips.” Manilow wrote that he is now walking for about 20 minutes at a time without help and continues to get stronger. Manilow will be back on stage on February 29th in Omaha, Nebraska. He’s touring behind last year’s “15 Minutes,” his first original album in a decade.

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