There are plenty of "Classic Hits" artists out there that are still recording and still writing new material. It's just that none of them are young and pretty enough to get any attention anymore.


Here are four new releases from folks who made their names in the 60's and 70's that have brand new product just released this week.

I think you will especially like Van Morrison's  new work called "Born to Sing: No Plan B".


I've also provided Amazon links where you can sample the songs from these new projects. I'm not going to do the music critic thing here. My opinion doesn't really count. Just click on the album cover to go to Amazon and listen to samples.


Van Morrison- Born to Sing: No Plan B

Blue Note




Mickey Dolenz- Remember

The link on this one will take you to Mickey's Page on Amazon where you can hear samples of this and other works of his.


Barry Manilow -The Classic Christmas Album


Hope you find something you like in these new releases