A new refinery opening is always big news because, as we all know, that means more jobs and, of course, more revenue and tax dollars coming into the state.

A piece of land in Oakdale that has been sitting unused for about a decade will be the site for the refinery following the approval of the Allen Parish Police Jury's approval of the plan.

Here's the plan:

The refinery,  to be built by Virtual Engineering Operations, will cost around 100 million dollars and will be completed in two parts.

Phase one will be to build and have in operation a 20,000 barrel a day refinery. Once the first phase is up, work will begin on another 20,000 barrel a day facility to get the refinery up to full operation.

Construction of the facility, will create roughly 200 jobs for the area. Once the facility is built and operational another 35 to 40 permanent jobs will be created.

The construction of the new refinery in Oakdale will hopefully begin within the next three months. Once the construction is started, it's expected to take about 18 months to complete the project.

While the refinery will provide in house jobs, other industries will also feel an economic boost. The refinery will process goods in and out by rail, trucking and a proposed 60 mile pipeline.

Here is a link to Virtual Engineering Operations...





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