Those of us who live along the Gulf Coast tend to take fresh seafood for granted. Let's face it from the boat to the local store is not a long haul. I've lived in parts of the country where "fresh" seafood meant that it had only been frozen a day or two!

The new program puts you in touch with the supplier and supports local small business!

Now, thanks to Louisiana Direct Seafood, we have access to the catch right off the boat! Here's how it works:

Simply register online and receive email updates on fresh shrimp catches and the availability of crabs and other seafood. You can also see profiles of the fishermen and real time messages from them while they are at sea on their profile.

The Delcambre Direct Seafood Marketplace is located on the South Pier at the Port of Delcambre. Boats dock at this pier and sell their catch directly to the public.

Quality wild-caught American seafood, all caught the traditional way is now available on a seasonable basis. Local frozen seafood is also available if desired.

Take a short drive to the Port of Delcambre and treat your family to the finest quality shrimp and seafood available…anywhere. Delcambre Direct Seafood only offers wild-caught American seafood…caught by local fisherman. It’s a great value and naturally healthy, once you taste it you’ll never buy foreign seafood again!

  • Hours of operation: You can determine when to arrive at the dock by speaking directly to the fisherman when you place your order.
  • Location: Select the link below to go to a map showing the various points of interest at the Port of Delcambre. Select the pushpins on the map to have options like zoom and specific drivng direction to each location.
  • View Directions to Delcambre Direct Seafood in a large map.
  • For more info on this great service,  click on the shrimp!



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