A surveillance camera in New Orleans caught a thief dismantling a street sign in the middle of the night so he could STEAL a bike chained to it.

He stood on a garbage bin as he removed the one-way sign, and then the stop sign from the same pole.  And then he lifted the chained bike over the top.

Leave it up to New Orleans to have thieves with this much vigor.  Why is this even worth the effort?  Is this the Lamborghini of bikes?  There are so many question running through my head right now.

Also, what made that bike better than the bike across the street?   The other bike looks like it has a basket on it, that could be useful holding all the other stuff you steal that night.

Apparently, it's a thing for people to chain their bikes to street signs in NOLA.  I'm not from New Orleans and even I know that's a bad idea to leave ANYTHING of value unattended on the streets of The Cresent City.

He removes the one-way sign at 10:05, the stop sign at 12:09, and the bike at 13:11.  He rides away on the bike at 14:19.

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