Just in time for Thanksgiving, could this be the next big dish to come out of Louisiana? It's called "boudin pie" and we want to know if you will be trying it.

The Cane River Pecan Company in New Iberia, Louisiana made the announcement about their latest creation back in September, and word seems to be getting out about what they describe as "a rich mixture of locally-sourced, uncased, Louisiana pork boudin combined with a thin layer of sweet potato soufflé and topped with a Cane River pecan praline glaze. 100% handmade".

The way I found out about "boudin pie" was because one of my best friends shared it to Facebook. I've read mixed reviews with some claiming it looks "nasty" and others hinting they would give it a try. One person went as far as to say that whoever came up with "boudin pie" must have been high. Hilarious!

Give it a glance below, via their Instagram, and let and tell us if would you eat it!

Maybe I'll drop in one day during my next visit to see family in the Jeanerette and New Iberia area, and bring back a "boudin pie" for myself and some of the other on-air staff to taste and review.

For now, if you're passing through New Iberia, Louisiana anytime soon, drop by their new facility located at 254 W. Main Street and taste what the hype is about for yourself. We also want to know if it was worth the trip or not, so come back and give us your review in the comments below.

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