I hope I offend someone with this article. The people I hope to offend are the kooks in positions of authority who are so open minded their brains have fallen out. It seems that every week or so, some school district or municipality makes a ruling that any display is alright as long as it doesn't offend anyone anywhere. Actually, the ruling is that any display is alright as long as it's not Christian. Because, as we all know, being Christian is quite offensive.

Now, the latest event to light my ever shortening fuse is a New Hampshire school district that refused to publicize the local American Legion Post's annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. John Fletcher, the commander of the local American Legion post in Marlborough, New Hampshire, said he was banned from using the word “Christmas” to promote the town’s upcoming Christmas tree lighting.

Fletcher said that he was told by the school superintendent that the lighting ceremony could be publicized in the local schools if he changed the wording to read, "holiday tree lighting ceremony." I kid you not. Let's see now, what kind of tree do people put up during the month of December and what holiday does it represent? Have there been any other kinds of trees that we put up every year? It's a CHRISTMAS tree!

The idiot said that the word "Christmas" might offend someone. Well that's just a damn shame. I'm offended that "Christmas" has been relegated to a list of words that are offensive. I want to know just who is offended by the use of the word "Christmas."

Can you imagine parents sending kids out of the room in case someone should utter the name? How are they offended? Does it cause much emotional scaring? Will their lives be forever and irreparably altered? Maybe we should offer grief counseling to people who accidentally were exposed to Christmas celebrating.

I know that there are other holidays that occur around the same time as Christmas and that maybe the catch-all phrase, "Happy Holidays" is a short way of saying, "Happy thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year. I don't have a problem with that at all. But, you see, that's all inclusive and that's okay, but banning the use of the word "Christmas" is excluding the majority of Americans, so how can that be right?

As we move more to the left, we're going to be bombarded with lists of other words and phrases we can't say. Will we have to stop saying, "Happy new year?" After all, not everyone celebrates the new year on January 1st. How far behind in this extravagance of stupidity can the phrase, "Happy Easter" be?

Now, if you want to go after an exclusively Christian day, Easter is your best choice. There are a lot of people who don't believe that Jesus was the Messiah, that put up trees and exchange gifts, but Easter, the day we celebrate the risen Lord is exclusively Christian. Of course there is always the watering down by people who only celebrate Easter as the time the bunny comes to the house and gives us candy.

Where's the outcry about Muslim holidays? I don't believe in the Muslim religion, so it must be okay that I get offended when someone says the word "Ramadan." I find it offensive that school children in Revere, Massachusetts are required to learn the Muslim Conversion prayer, but are not allowed to display the Ten Commandments in their school.

I suspect that the number of people who are actually offended by the use of the word, "Christmas" are few and very far between. The only exception I can think of is Muslims. Sorry, but that's the bottom line. I don't see the Jewish population rising up in arms over Christmas. Name another religion that wants to see Christianity wiped out.

To all those people in high places who want to strike the word "Christmas" from the American lexicon: Can you say aiding and abetting?

If I have offended you with this article, may I just wish you a very merry Christmas!

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