With all of the bad going on in 2020, there seems to be a small glimmer of hope in Lake Charles. Nelson's Donuts announced after their fire that they were going up for sale. We wrote back in May of 2019 about the fire that engulfed the Lake Charles donut shop. After the fire, rumors and questions began circulating that perhaps the Nelson family would not be rebuilding.

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February of this year seemed to solidify that we might not ever have a taste of a Nelon's Donut ever again. The property and business was posted for sale, then a fence was built around the property. Sure there are other places to get the amazing breakfast confection, but they just won't be quite like a Nelson's donut.

Facebook, Nelson's Donuts Desiree Mullins-Realtor
Facebook, Nelson's Donuts Desiree Mullins-Realtor

Desiree Mullins with Century 21 Bono posted a picture on her Facebook page that now has over 330 shares. The caption on the post was congratulating the new owners of Nelson's Donuts. Could this be real life? Mullins's page linked to a brand new Nelson's Facebook page called Nelson's Donuts Rebuild. The page will follow along with the rebuilding of the famed donut shop. They also posted a few answers about the new owners.

According to their post on June 16, the recipe we all know and love will be exactly the same. The new owner is the nephew. They mentioned the building will not be totally demolished, but they are wanting to change the layout since the original design does not allow customers to dine in.

What? Does that mean when it's rebuilt, we will be able to eat inside of Nelson's? Only time will tell, it seems. At least we have some good news for once in the SWLA area. Best of luck to the new owners, and I can't wait to eat my first dozen donuts and regret it later.

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