Funny and sad news out of Detroit from last week. Michigan DNR folks are out hunting crawfish which they pronounced “crayfish” on the news. Either pronunciation is correct, by the way. Seems they’re some sort of invasive species from Louisiana, of all places.

The sad news is that half of the candidates for mayor of Detroit are convicted felons! Under Michigan state election law, convicted felons can vote and run for office as long as they are not incarcerated or guilty of certain fraud-related offenses, or crimes involving a breach of the public trust. Ah, my old hometown.

Not a good day for our baseball teams yesterday. Tigers, Indians and Reds all lost by substantial margins. Woke from my nap and saw the Rangers/Twins game was in a rain delay so we switched to the Nationals/Cubs game and saw the Nationals come from behind to beat the Cubs. Yay!! Then we saw the last couple of outs of the Twins come from behind win over the Rangers. Just can’t get into the Rangers this season because of the announcers. I know I’ve griped about them all season long, but this weekend was particularly irritating. I mentioned earlier that they were showing exit velocities and launch angles of homeruns this season, and this weekend they added batting averages on certain pitches. Here’s so and so at the plate, hitting .375 on cutters thrown by right- handers. Really!? And they never shut up!!! So much information you think your head is going to explode. Who remembers all that, anyway? So we turn down the volume and read.

On kind of a related note, anybody remember when relief pitchers were driven in from the bullpen? When I was a kid I remember convertibles being used, then golf carts, and now they have to trot in. Sign of the times, I guess.

A co-worker was extolling the virtues of one brand of bottled water over another. Described it as crisp and refreshing. OK, I thought, it’s water.

Still find irony in tall people (women especially) who own small sports-type vehicles and shorter folks (yeah, women again) with those big jacked up pickup trucks that I would need a ladder to climb into.

Finally, I saw a headline online this morning that said something about the August full moon, known as the Sturgeon or Blueberry moon and how to see it. Uh, look up in the sky?

Enjoy the week. It’ll probably rain some.

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