I went to work at the age of 15 and started making my own spending money. Th first thing I bought was a vinyl record. It was Grand Funk Railroad's "E Pluribus Funk." The record cover looked like a giant silver coin. It was round instead of the average square album jacket. It had the bands heads on what would be the heads side if it were a giant coin. I don't know if it is a collectors item; but I still have it. After I bought my first one .... I was hooked. Thus started my album collection that I keep in our spare bedroom today. I have never thought about selling it; but there is a buyer for album collections.

getty images/ Spencer Platt

I was scanning my faceboob news feed this morning when a story caught my eye. It's about a man in Brazil with a very interesting and expensive hobby.His name is Zero Freitas. He is a millionaire who studied music composition in college but made his fortune with a family owned bus line. He buys record libraries from all over the world. He then ships them to Brazil and catalogs them with exacting detail. He has agents spread out all over the world buying  record collections. Will he amass all of the wolds records? You ready to sell ...... yet?