As Mick Mars continues working on his long-awaited debut solo release, details on the project’s direction are slowly being revealed.

During an interview with Talking Metal, the Motley Crue guitarist divulged that he is in the early stages of recording. "I have drum tracks laid down, some bass tracks," he explained. "My guitar tracks all scratch tracks. No singers yet. I'm searching.”

When asked about the type of singer he’s looking for, Mars name-dropped a surprising influence. “I would like to have a few different singers — different sounds, but musician singers. This is gonna sound crazy — like with the Beatles. The three guys sang all these harmonies, and you could have John [Lennon] sing on a song, or Ringo [Starr], or whoever. But that kind of a thing is kind of what I'm going for.”

While the Beatles reference may lead fans to expect a lighter sounding release, Mars insists the album will have a hard rock edge. “It's more of a heavier rock thing, but I don't wanna even try to 'outheavy' the heavies, you know what I mean? It's just something hopefully just a little different than what's going on now. You're not gonna hear a Motley-flavored song, except for the guitar, [because] that's me. They're gonna be a bit harder than that, but not as hard as the heavies, like Ministry and some of those guys."

Motley Crue covered one of the Fab Four's heaviest songs - "Helter Skelter" - on their 1983 sophomore album Shout at the Devil.

Mars has been working on the solo material for several years now, but contends he’ll only release the music when it feels 100% ready. "I just don't want to put out a record to put out a record. It has to be right — for me. I mean, people wanna hear my music — it needs to be right.”

In 2016, the guitarist released samples of two solo songs featuring one-time Motley Crue bandmate John Corabi. Full versions of the tracks never materialized, with Mars noting that the Corabi collaboration "went away."

With no due date for the solo work in sight, Mars' fans will have to make do with the latest material from Motley Crue. The band recently completed four songs for the soundtrack to their upcoming Netflix biopic The Dirt.


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