I can't imagine anyone not knowing the character of Flo from the TV commercials. She's one of the most ubiquitous icons to grace the screen in the past several years. Well, it turns out that the actress who plays Flo was an actress long before the "Flo" part came about and her credentials are pretty darned impressive.

The lady's name is Stephanie Courtney and her acting and stand-up experience go back to her college days. It was on somewhat of a dare that she even tried to perform stand-up. You might recognize some of the sitcoms and dramas on her resume. She even had a recurring role of the hit show Mad Men.

Stephanie started doing the highly successful ads as "Flo" back in 2007. Now, it seems that those commercials have been around longer than that. Let's face it, you cant watch commercial TV more than a little while before you see that iconic red lipstick and the incredibly starched apron. I think you'll like getting to know her.

Watch this short video and learn more about Stephanie Courtney and Flo.

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