She's been on TV almost non-stop since the 90s. She's everywhere you look, but not much is actually known about Stephanie Courtney, the woman who has been Progressive Insurance's Flo for ages now.

Frankly, I only learned her real name while researching this article and I had no idea that she had such a long history on TV before even becoming the iconic insurance company spokes person that she is.

It seems her career goes way back to appearing on a host of TV shows and in a ton of commercials prior landing the gig as Flo. Her long list of credits goes back to 1998. Stephanie has appeared on several TV shows, usually in a very small part, but, despite the fact that she was never really a featured player in any of those shows, she really struck it rich when she landed the role for which she is best known.

Check it out and get to know more about the mysterious actress that we all know and love as "Flo."

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